eC+ = eLearning made easy

eC+ is a new and innovative Learning Management System for your corporate academy.

eC+ has an intuitive user-interface and can instantly be used as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You can concentrate on running your academy without having to care about hard- or software investments.

eC+ supports all types of trainings, from sponteneously filling a knowledge gap with a single learning object up to stuying complex curricula in corporations or educational institutions, with or without a shop system and on servers of your choice.

eC+ was developed for a major Swiss pharmaceutical corporation and a Swiss Internet-University for certified education with the ability to document the complete training history.

eC+ fits for all industries, especially for certified corporations with the requirement for documented trainings like the pharmaceutical, healthcare and aerospace etc.

Creating trainings from building blocks

All kinds of trainings can be created with a few mouse-clicks. Based on a  building block concept any number of learning opjects can be aggregated to more complex trainings nested in any number of levels. Learning objects are not copied but just assigned to any other training without having to copy it. This avoids redundant data and allows a consistent version management system.

A visual learn path is generated automatically which guides the users through the training.

Building Block Concept

The buidling block system of eC+ makes it easy to create and structure trainings.

With a few clicks of the mouse even the most complex curricula can be created without creating redundant data.

image Baukastenprinzip

1st Level: Learning Unit

The “learning unit” is the smalles training element. The training of a single learning unit is ideal for filling a single knowledge gap. Just upload your learning content, define a learn-path with a few mouseclicks to add forums, online-tests to it. Assign a group of students to the training with a single click and off you go.

No more distributing learning material by email and no more administrating results in spreadsheets. eC+ offers you a fast route to effective eLearning with instant control over all your training activities.

Example: Closing a single knowledge gap

image Content

2nd Level: Online-Seminars

In case you intend to create a training with multiple steps, just aggregate learning units in any mandatory or elective sequence to an Online-Seminar.

A learnpath is automatically generated from the learnpath of all selected learning units.

Additional options can be added to the learn path like an online test which automatically generates random tests from the question pools of all selected learning units.

Example: Online training in mandatory or elective steps (beginner level, advanced level, expert level etc.).

image Seminar

2nd Level: In Class Seminars

In class seminars with any number of lectures on any number of days can be managed. Scripts and handouts can be distributed to participants for optimum preparation prior to the beginning of the seminar.

Examinations under supervision can be added and feedback forms as well as a certificate of participation that generates online upon completion of the seminar.

Example: In class seminars with social interaction remain indispensable in many corporations. Even for an in class seminar without online content the management within in eC+ offers a spate of benefits. The administration of the training is more efficient, the distribution of training material much easier and follow-up with feedback and control of learning progress most effective.

image Presence

3rd Level: Modules

Seminars can be aggregated to modules (or blocks of seminars), e.g. to group seminars by subject as required by the Bologna rules. In addition to online tests of each of its seminars online tests can be created that randomly generate tests from all question pools of all learning units that are part of the module. Modules can consist of mandatory or elective seminars.

In class seminars can be added to structure a training as “Blended Learning” whereby the successful completion of the online part can be defined as a pre-condition for the participation of the in class seminar.

The learn path of the module automatically aggregates from all its sub trainings belonging to that module.

Example: Covering of an entire subject or a particular faculty with any number of online or in class seminars in mandatory or elective sequence (Blended Learning, “The Flipped Classroom” as prominentally promoted by Salman Khan.)

image Modul

4th Level: Courses

Even the most complex curricula comprising moduls, seminars and learning units can be structured with a few mouse clicks. Online tests can be added on any level that automatically generate random tests of all learning units on all sub-levels to check on the overall learning progress.

A thesis can be defined as final step of the learnpath of the curriculum and evaluations added for participants to improve the quality of the training if required.

All all levels forums can be added and responsibilities assigned to meet even the most demanding requirements for tutor support during the entire training.

Example: Management of even the most complex curricula of comprehensive studies in blocks of seminars of modules with comprehensive tutor support

image Program

eC+ Functions

eC+ (eCampus+) is an innovative LMS (Learning Management System) for the internet based management and operation of academies of all kinds.

The focus of eC+ is put on an intuitive user interface, high efficiency and clear structure in organising trainings. This makes the administration and operation of a corporate academy or online University extremely effective.

A comprehensive version management and documentation of the history of all relevant data is tailored to suit the requirements of highly security sensitive industries like pharma, medicare or aerospace. 

Intuitive User Interface – High Efficiency

T2S puts the focus on an intuitive user interface.

By streamlining the functionalily to the essential functions eC+ sets itself apart from conventional systems. Structuring of the operation of the academy is made so efficient, that even multiple academies can be operated with minimal effort.

The implementation and operation of a corporate academy or online university is made much easier and quicker, without having to compromise on functionality.

Blended Learning (“The Flipped Classroom”)

One strength of eC+ is the support of Blended Learning, where in class seminars are integrated into distance learning programs.

Learning theory prior to attending in class seminars increases the efficiency of education significantly as the in class seminar is freed from the burden of “one-fits-all” education of theory. As all participants can begin an in class seminar with a similar level of theoretical knowledge more time is left in class for exercises in the group. The education becomes more intense and more efficient, reduces costs and increases quality significantly.

Thus, the didactical characteristic of a training flipps. What was studies in the classroom in the past can now be learnt at home, and at the individual pace of a student. What was homework (excercise of theory learnt during the lesson in the classroom) can now take place in the classroom with a group of students that are well prepared. (Salman Khan describes this effect as Flipped Classroom).

With eC+ the tutors can control “Blended Learning” seminars most efficiently.

Single Login

Whether administrator, tutor or student, all users have a single login with roles built upon each other. As tutors and administrators often need to step into the role of a student this  concept makes the management of the system much simpler.

eC+ can distinguish between user-groups. E.g. internal staff can be handled differently to third parties of a corporation like clients or affiliates.

Management of Groups

Learning groups can be created quickly and trainings assigned to them with a single click. Trainer can manage groups efficiently.

The management of learning progress of individuals within a group is made most easy and supported visually. This way trainers and tutors have full control and oversight of their students and help identify those who need dedicated support.


Conventional forums for every training allow an efficient interaction between tutor and participants.

As students can start online- trainings at their convenience and learn at their own pace, individual support is essential. eC+ offers the individual tutor-Forum that is only visible to the tutor and each individual student to allow private support which is invisible to the other participants.

An integarted message-system allows communication within the LMS without having to rely on spam prone emails (although email communication is optional).

Training Catalogue

Participants can browse the catalogue and register for trainings themselves. Alternatively students can be assigned to trainings by their tutors or trainers.

The trainin catalogue can be adapted and tailored to the needs of particular user groups.

Multiple Academies

In one single installation any number of academies can be created and operated that can share resources although every academy can have its own design and appearance.

This avoids redundant data and makes the operation and management highly efficient.

Management of Learning Content

Learning content (WBTs) of all common formats can be managed and used in all trainings. In a building block concept aggregated trainings only refer to its learning units with their content so content is never copied. This avoids redundant data and allows a consistent and efficient version management.

As there are numerous authoring tools available for the creation of learning content (Rapid-Learning-Tools), T2S refrained from integrating an authoring system.

In Class Seminars

In class seminars with daily itineraries can be managed and handouts or scripts added so participants can prepare for the lectures well in advance.

In class seminars can be combined with online seminars to Blended Learning programs. This way the completion of an online part can be made mandatory before an in class seminar is allowed.

Visualized Learn Path

A visualized learn path shows the learning progress and guides through the learning process. Trainer as well as students hae a one-sight overview over the status of their educational programs.

With the aggregation of learning units or seminars to a new training a multi-dimensional learn path is automatically generated. This learn path is versionized so that changes to it are fully documented.



The learnflow can be adapted to reflect the requirement of each corporation or educational institution. Due-dates can be defined or time frames be set to control the achievments of particular goals in a given time span.

If required participants can be reminded to repeat a particular training after a defined period of time has elapsed.

Internal staff can be kept apart and treated differently from external participants which might be important for corporations.  E.g. internal staff could take trainings free of charge whereas external participants could pay a fee.

The pace of learning can be controlled individually by every participant. Administrative interventions are kept to a minimum so that even high volumes of students can be managed with minimal effort.

Version management

A comprehensive and detailed version management allows the update of learning units without interruption. The learn path with all its elements is versionized as well, including the online tests, test question pool etc.

This way it is documented who has passed what training with which version of learning content and which test questions. This is an indispensable function for companies who need to document certified education down to every relevant detail like the health care industry, aerospace or the automotive sector.

Participants can be managed in parallel who learn a different version of a given content at the same time. If required new versions can be suppressed for those students who have almost finished a particular training wheras new students may be invited to switch to a new version. In case a training was completed in an older version, the student may be invited to re-train that particular training if this is part of a new, aggregated seminar.

This version management allows that trainings are operated under the same identifiation number for a long period which makes surveys possible over a long time-span.

Test Generator

Dynamical online tests can be created quickly without the need of an additional authoring system.

Online tests are dynamically generated from the pool of test questions of each learning unit. In case of aggregated trainings the online tests draws questions from all learning pools of all relevant training units that belong to that training in its relevant version. This way new online tests can be created that cover an entore module (or block of seminars) without having to create yet another pool of test questions.

If a test question of a particular learning unit is modified this modification will automatically take effect in all trainings, this learning unit is part of. This makes the administration of changes highly efficient.

A static test can be created for every training from an independent pool of questions, that allow to generate similar tests for a group of student for examinations under supervision in a room.

Grades Management

A comfortable management of grades with any grade system is implemented.

Any number of grades per examination can be entered from which the mean is automatically calculated. Upon successful completion of an examination a certain number of credits can be given (like ECTS credits).

Certificate Generator

Certificates can be created as templates. Upon successful completion of a training certificates can be created automatically of after manual confirmation by the tutor.

Survey Generator

For permanent quality monitoring and improvement surveys can be generated that praticipants need to complete after a particular training.

Due to the versionizing of the trainings surveys can be evaluated over a long period of time which makes data from the surveys highly relevant and meaningful.

Tutor Management

Tutors or trainers can be assigned to every learning unit, seminar, module or course. This way responsibilities can be defined on every level.

The activities of the tutors can be monitored and remunerated as required.

“Audit Trail”

To comply with requirements of the FDA relevant data of a certificate can be exported into an “audit trail” outside the system where it can not be manipulated. eC+ does not delete any records, it only marks data records as deleted. So changes to any data record is documented without gaps which is essential for security sensitive industries like healthare, automotive or aerospace.

Integration of Virtual Meeting Software

Communication platforms like OpenMeeting, Adobe Connect, CICSO Webex, Vitero etc. can be integrated upon request. Online-meetings can be started from within the lean path as part of a training or course. Participation of each group member is logged automatically.

Integration in existing IT environment

We integrate eC+ into your corporate website and individualize the user interface with your corporate logo.

Upon request we integrate eC+ in your IT environment to exchange user data with SAP systems and alike.


eC+ is multilingual with German, English, French and Spanish as standard, further languages upon request.

In addition, corporate specific nomenclature can be integrated. The terminology of the user interface can be modified for each function.

Redundant Installation

We install eC+ on servers of your choice. Upon request we install an additional test-system that an be used for test or training purposes. In case of increased security requirements the productive system can be shielded from access from outside.

Software-Updates can be validated on the test system before they are moved to the productive system.

Case Studies


Required was the operation of a mutlilingual online university with complex curricula that should comply with the Bologna criteria. The complete operation of the university should be possible including commercial functionality like a shop-system. Administrative procedures should be automated as much as possible so that manual intervention is cut down to a minimum. Educational programs need to be structured and aggregated in modules with examinations covering a multitude of seminars. Semester assignments and a thesis should be integrated. A comprehensive tutoring management should ensure a tight and responsive support of students during their studies over a couple of years. Under the umbrella of a single University 5 academies in 4 languages should be operated that can share their resources to minimize administration and avoid redundant data.

The requirements in detail:

  • Multilingual
  • 5 academies in a single installation
  • intuitive user interface
  • Structure of curricula in levels with mandatory and elective seminars
  • Modul examination complying to Bologna
  • visual learn path that guide students and tutors
  • Automation as far as possible
  • efficient tutor management[nbsp]
  • commercial shop system for self b´registration of users
  • efficient grade management

The T2S solution:

In a single installation of eC+ 5 academies in 4 lanugages are managed. The administration can be managed by a single part-time staff member. Students can book their programs on their own and progress at their own pace along the visual learn path with mandatory and elective segments with minimal intervention from the administration. Tutors and students directly interact between themselfes. The manual administration is limited to the organisation of supervised examinations and quality management of the tutors and the learning content.

The structuring of the programs and examinations to meet the Bologna criteria was a challenge where mandatory and elective modules with module examinations had to be implemented in a specific manner. The building block concept of  eC+ solved that problem in an elegant way.

The user interface of eC+ is self explanatory, training to use the system is not necessary.

The structuring of the curriculum in modules was a requirement only T2S could fulfil in the required way. The system is yet refreshingly simple and of unparalleled efficiency, so that the entire operation of the University with all 5 academies can be handled by a single part time staff member.

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Theile, Universität Educatis, Educatis Stiftung.


Before eC+ was implemented, some 5.500 staff and service engineers had to be invited repeatedly to the headquarters in Switzerland to be trained on medical machines in conventional in class trainings which lasted 5 days each for groups of approx. 15 participants. Learning content was by conventional powerpoint presentations with printed handouts and training sessions in small sub-groups on how to handle and service particular machines. After completion of the training supervised examinations were conducted and a certificate printed. All participants had to fill out a survey on printed forms. The training results are documented manually to ful FDA requirments.

A solution should be implemented which:

  • conforms to FDA requirements
  • minimises travel costs
  • teaches theory online and prior to in class trainings
  • rationalizes aministration and documentation
  • improves didactics, intensify training and improve training results
  • spots deficiencies and supports individual trainees

The solution of T2S

The complete training is now managed and controlled by eC+. Trainings were didactically split in an online part with theory prior to the in class part at the headquarters in Switzerland.

To train the theory online, existing powerpoints were narrated by internal staff and transformed into flash-format and added as online trainings in eC+. The inclass seminars are defined within eC+ with daily itineraries, lectures and handouts and aggregated with related online seminars to blended-learning programs.

With introduction of eC+ groups of participants can now be assigned to blended-learning programs with a click of a mouse. Trainees can now learn theorie at their own pace and well in advance of the inclass seminar in Switzerland which they can only participate in after they have sucessfully completed the online part.

Freed from the burden of the theoretical training, the quality of the inclass seminars at the headquarter significantly increased. Trainings are now more efficient, concentrated and trainings are completed with a higher rate of success. Through individual support by tutors trainees tutors can better identify those who need support.

eC+ runs on two redundant systems on corporate servers. The test-system is used for documented validation of updates according to FDA requirements before they are updated to the productive system which is only accessible from inside the corporation to avoid unauthorised access by third parties.


image SaaseC+ is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). All you need is a PC,  Mac or any other device with a browser, and an Internet connection. We run eC+ on our servers or on servers of your choice.

You do not have to take care of hard- or software. You just start when you are ready and just pay for as many users as you wish. The system follows your growth, software updates including.

Upon request we install an additional test-system that can be used for training and testing puroses. In case of increased security requirements updates can be tested once again in your particular enviroment before they are uploaded to the productive system. Further, the productive system can be completely shielded from access from outside, in case of sensitive training material.


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